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Subsection 10.3.7 A Few Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to remember all the classes, office hours, athletic practices, club meetings, and social events of college. Even more difficult is remembering all the assignments, due-dates, and special club events, that go along with those responsibilities, let alone the relative priority that each item has. More than difficult, though, it’s stressful. It detracts from your ability to focus on and enjoy the content of what you’re learning when you have to spend mental energy constantly keeping track of what’s the highest priority task you have to do next. The “weight” that comes from mentally juggling so many different tasks is even worse for projects that are large, important, and ambiguous. When you create a time chart and schedule time to do a specific task, you’re effectively relieving yourself of one ball that you were juggling by giving the tasks specific time and place on your schedule.