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Section 3.7 Using Quote Sandwiches

Formally speaking, there are certain conventions that academics like to follow when dealing with evidence. For instance, it is considered inelegant to use advice without introducing it first. Luckily, you just need to keep in mind the quote sandwich, and you’ll never make that inelegant mistake.
The quote sandwich is nothing more than a three-part organizational template that consists of the following parts:
  • The upper bun of your quote sandwich introduces the quotation under consideration with information about its author and source and with the claim that you’re making about it.
  • The meat, or non meat substitute, of your sandwich consists of your quote with a proper in-text citation.
  • The bottom bun of your sandwich consists of your thorough analysis of the evidence.
A simple cartoon image of a sandwich has the title "Recipe for a quote sandwich." On the bread is text that reads, "1. Introduce the evidence. 2. Add your quote. 3. Thoroughly analyse the evidence."
You may have noticed that the written analysis (see Writing about your Evidence) in the previous section was rendered in three different colors. These colors represent different parts of the quote sandwich. The clause in green introduces the quotation that follows it and anticipates the argument that will be made about the evidence in the section in purple. The text in red is the quotation introduced by the clause in green and commented on by the text in purple. The text in purple analyzes the text in red and elaborates on the claim forecasted by the text in green.
Quote sandwiches are exceedingly accessible (and tasteful!) ways to structure your in-paragraph arguments.

Tip 3.7.1. On the Subject of Sandwiches.

Here are three great sandwiches you can build at the SUB:
Sandwich A
Focaccia bread, salami, Swiss cheese, leaf lettuce, pickles, onion, tomato, and ranch (optional). Toast that sandwich!
Sandwich B
Whole wheat bread, turkey, Swiss cheese, pesto, hummus, spinach, pickles, and olives. TOAST IT!
Sandwich C
Rye bread, pesto, mayo, Provolone cheese, tomato, pickles, olives, and leaf lettuce.