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Sound Writing

Chapter 2 How to Read

Yes, we know. You learned to read over a decade ago! Why is there a chapter on reading? This chapter is not so much about literacy as it is about strategy. Since you’ll likely have to read a lot during your time at Puget Sound, it’s helpful to have some strategies that will make reading and researching as quick and painless as possible.
Reading is the first step to writing, and any skilled writer has undoubtedly read a lot. The first thing you need to remember is to do your course readings! Not only will you be completing work that wifll help you in your courses, but you’ll also get a better feel for writing in that discipline. Your future self will thank you! Reading your course readings also prepares you for researching in that discipline. Especially when you’re doing research, being strategic about what and how you read is essential to producing quality content at a pace that isn’t agonizingly slow. For more details, tips, and some bad jokes, read on!