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Chapter 11 Good to Know

  • Diversions/Oppenheimer

  • Empty classrooms/resource rooms in Thompson

  • The library

    • Rooms in the basement
    • Second floor
    • Big tables by the front doors
    • The fourth-floor couches
  • Nooks in Wyatt

  • Outside (if it's sunny)

  • Upstairs in the SUB

  • The rotunda (if it's open)

  • Lounges in your residence hall

  • The Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching (CWLT)!

List 11.0.1 On-Campus Places to Study
  • Metronome

  • Bluebeard Coffee Roasters

  • Owen Beach at Point Defiance

  • Anthem Coffee & Tea

  • Blackbear

List 11.0.2 Off-Campus Places to Study
  • Work on citations

  • Take the CWLT's Buzzfeed quiz to figure out what kind of writer you are!

  • Type up your notes/evidence

  • Make to-do lists

  • Make an assignment timeline

  • Organize your documents/make a folder for your research

  • Look at classes for next semester

  • Make a good essay-writing playlist on Spotify

  • Go to the SUB or The Cellar, and get something healthy but good to snack on

  • There's a huge “study” genre on YouTube. Go watch a couple videos to get inspired!

  • Make some coffee/tea to get you in the (writing) mood

  • Explore and familiarize yourself with the Sound Writing online guidebook (good job!)

  • Make a writing appointment at the CWLT!

List 11.0.3 Productive Procrastination